The Heart.


Lenny Ivers creation was born out of a love of quality and timeless design in Melbourne, Australia. Where our vision was to create classic pieces out of quality and sustainably sourced materials, that never went out of style. It all started when I was working as a Footwear Developer for an Australian company, and took on the handbag range, where my passion for bags bloomed.

I wanted to make my own bags and had existing knowledge in leather and materials, so I learnt how to hand stitch to make them strong and durable (which is better than just using the sewing machine). I found this so calming, and still absolutely love just sitting there and saddle stitching. However, to start the company I decided to use my contacts and get them produced overseas so obtain a great quality and luxurious finishes.




The Name.


When deciding on a name for the brand, the number of options was daunting. However, I kept coming back to two words, Lenny and Ivers. Lenny is my grandfather’s name, and Ivers is my grandmother’s maiden name. I absolutely loved combining them and making them a part of it. After all my mum tells me I’m a reincarnation of her grandmother who was a seamstress, so I had to page homage to my family in one way or another.




The Production.

Whilst the bags made overseas are beautiful, I have decided going forward to produce them in Australia which allows me to only produce small runs and made-to-order, to minimise waste. It also gives me the thrill to make them myself as I put my heart and soul into every stitch, cut and fold. I look forward to creating more beautiful and quality bags and accessories that last a lifetime and get passed down through generations.